Photos by Sienna McCorkle for Acumen Magazine

At first glance, the Starbucks located at 6th and H Street Northeast appears the same as its many other locations – newly redesigned interior, sleek counter-tops, even a digital name roster to announce, “orders up.” Even th...

Acumen would be remiss for allowing Women’s History Month to pass without mentioning the celebration of Barbie’s 60th anniversary by the luxury candy shop, Sugarfina.   The iconic doll, manufactured by Mattel, has transformed many times – documenting the transitions of...

The term "eugenics" has begun to resurface in national and international newspapers on a daily basis.  Whether from journalist / activist Theo Wilson, who unearthed eugenics at the core of white supremacist organizations after posing as a member online, to a Tennessee...

When Krispy Kreme announced their 80th birthday celebration included giving away a dozen donuts for 80 cents for each dozen customers purchased, who could have imagined that the celebration would clog highways across the nation?  The Acumen team journeyed to Fairfax, V...

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