The Acumen Group fosters healthy community relations through stewardship in each city we serve -- both stateside and abroad.  These have included Bread for the City, and The Centers for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) in D.C., and The Brixton Soup Kitchen in London.

Since 2016, Acumen MomShare has committed 10 hours each week to offering food, clothing, and funds to those living in homeless encampments around the D.C. metropolitan region.  MomShare was named for the loving care, kindness, and Christ-driven compassion our mothers, aunts, and grands provided us.   We, literally, share the abundance of love we've received.  


Additionally, our team helps sort, box, and distribute pantry items to those in need -- including female hygiene packs.   Most importantly, Acumen's MomShare spends time listening to the wisdom of those we served, grateful for their insight and grace.