Sunday, February 7, 14, and 21 ( Noon-3pm) 

Racial Stereotypes & the Resurgence of Eugenics in Popular Television & Film
$40 each / $100 full short course

Cut Off! Forced Sterilization of Black Bodies Behind Bars

Sunday, March 14  



CUT-OFF! Sterilization Lecture   

 The cornerstone of eugenic theories asserts that the weak (criminal, defective, immoral, and diseased) will overpopulate and destroy civilization. To ensure that those deemed "human waste" do not reproduce, thousands of Americans have undergone surgical sterilization by force or without their consent.  The Acumen Group, led by public historian Dr. Shantella Y. Sherman invites you to open a dialogue on race, reproductive injustice, and laws that position "the greater good" of the nation against over individual rights.  by examining the resurrected "science" of eugenics.

POP-EU: Popular Eugenics in Television & Film

Acumen's Pop-Eu lecture series encourages an investigation of eugenic theories situated in popular television series, films, characters, and scripting.  This short-course, designed as three concurrent lectures, helps viewers bridge the connection between eugenic ideology in laboratories and science classes and common media images.   The three courses cover Tropes of Black Masculinity,  Black Women: Birthing Pathology, and Stereotypes R Us.  Each lecture includes a basic U.S. history lesson, within a safe learning environment that welcomes questions. These are great supplemental history classes for those studying American history, Women & Gender studies, law, and/or public policy.


The goal of The Acumen Group is to serve as "change agents," who help reconcile not-so-pleasant mores and ideals with the realities of social bias both within Black communities and globally. High school & college students are welcome.

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