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Love Euroclydon

Like most American girls, I grew up believing love was formulaic – boy meets girl, falls in love, dates, marries, has children, and hold hands into old age and death. Love, of course, has always been far more complicated than fairy tales could imagine. In some instances, it has been the Hollywood machine, rife with unrequited love, taboo pairings, and lust masquerading as love, which has offered some of the truest examples of love’s resilience. I came to this conclusion earlier than most, at around age 12, when sneaking peeks at Friday night Dallas episodes, I began to recognize patterns of vulnerability, insecurity, pain, and sexual relations driven by everything but love. Thirty years later, Dallas hardly scratches the surface of Hollywood’s take on romantic intricacies. I still get giddy watching Dustin Hoffman run like a late freight away from Anne Bancroft’s lecherous Mrs. Robinson, in the Graduate. In a world of sexual decadence, can romantic love still exist? And if it does, is it necessarily functioning against the grain of deviance or giving it the fuel to progress?

To answer these questions, the Acumen Magazine editorial staff analyzed the romantic relationships of some of the more popular relationships in recent television history. These relationships span a global terrain, and encompass an array of racial, gender, and socioeconomic identities. Of the seven relationships chosen, all thrived in secrecy, the insecurities of one or both partners, and the incredible desire of the couple to remain together against the wishes of others. We situated the backstories of these couples against the belief that love can be as the biblical Euroclydon, a levanter wind that is described in the Book of Acts as a tempestuous destroyer, wrecking ships (or in this case, relationships) by tossing them in all directions, from northeast round by east to southeast. We then determined whether the couples managed to survive the Euroclydon, or fall to peril.

Jesse and Angie Hubbard (All My Children) Traditional star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the track. Affluent Angela Baxter falls for troubled youth, Jesse Hubbard against her father’s wishes. An unintended teen pregnancy, an elopement, and finally, a twenty-year separation as Jesse hid out from gangsters. The bad-boy turned police chief and his physician wife (along with their Iraqi-war veteran son, Frankie) epitomize an undying romantic love complicated by outside forces. Love as true from day one to the last… Survived

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