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Welcome to The Acumen Group!

[Examining eugenics in popular culture & everyday life]

Thank you so much for your subscription to The Acumen Group where we deconstruct racism, bias, and entitlement using the lens of eugenics -- a pseudoscience and social movement that has informed U.S. legal, social, educational, and medical policies since the 1840s. The Acumen Group presents hidden historical narratives using archival research and source-gathering to bring about healing and reconciliation.

The Acumen Group offers public history lectures -- including the Pop-Eu Series (Popular Eugenics in Television & Film) which analyzes eugenic themes in popular programming, Acumen History Notes -- historical briefs on relevant issues through the Acumen blog and social media pages; and investigative news features through Acumen Magazine -- our quarterly magazine -- managed by high school and college student stringers in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Amsterdam. It's where history& journalism meet!

Please check the website often for listings of virtual lectures.

Happy Learning, Happy Healing!

Dr. Shantella Sherman


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